Welcome to the Ventura County Digital Radio Club's Project Site.

Our current project is a Yaesu System Fusion Reflector (YSFReflector), Yaesu Fusion Connections Server (FCS), and Decentralized Amateur Paging Network (DAPNET), and fo course the transparent linking to our existing DMR Network.

With the recent inexpensive availability of Fusion radios, the general consensus was to go this route, and take advantage of the opportunity to play with them a bit and see what we could learn about the newest, hottest, VHF/UHF digital mode. Most all of the existing hotspots can communicate directly with the Reflector, so nobody really needs to go out and buy anything other than the basic transceiver.

The DAPNET folks have built a beautiful network in Europe that is currently being adopted worldwide. Check out their site here for the skinny!

Dan Feeney, N6BMW
VCDRC President


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